Getting Down to The Nitty Gritty | The Adventure in Sound | Fucking Tourettes Productions

Getting Down to The Nitty Gritty

Grassvalley. Setting up the microphones, and laptop almost immediately as I got there, and Joel rummaging through various boxes looking for cords and trying to figure how we would rig the mics. For the most part we went from a RODE NT1-A Condensor mic (Courtesy of Mr. BP) to the mixer (Spirit Folio Notebad by Soundcraft), then into the Mac Power Book using the FCP software and the tool “voice over” recording at 48000 HZ. Away we went following what I’d made of a folley script/list, slicing through the list. Joel as the foley artist and I as the tech.

We went on recording late into the night, rattling pill bottles, cutting through air, lighting lighters, ruffling magazines. Then we hit the hay it was going to be an early morning(or a late one).