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Meet Frank

So you don’t always get an early start exactly, but you get it pretty close enough.
Now it was time to take off to Sacramento, where we’d set up the first recording session with Mike of the Bananas. I’d casted him years earlier, and I believe he thought I forgot about him, or just gave up on the movie...this however was not the case and I’d have beer and pizza to prove my point.. We picked up Jesse (Set builder foreman in Sac) near the Arden Mall, where he’d just gone on a shopping spree. Stopping for a stint at the capitol of California for this sweet photo opportunity.
So arriving at Giles recording palace, behind infamous Dad’s Sandwhich shop in sacramento, Joel unpacked the gear as I commented and took pictures, gabbing on about beer and pizza, I’m good at that.
We set up. Mr. Ken Medenhal (built shooting platforms for roof scenes in Santa Cruz) showed up, then Matt Maxwell. I got both Joel, Ken, Jesse, Keith, Matt Maxwell doing voices for the fetuses and zombies. Keith busted a six minute groan session, Ken and Joel did an eight minute moan and groan collaboration. Then the man arrived Frank er Mike R Mike(aka Mike). Like a jock on a date rape, he walked in like a pro, though he claimed to have never done it before,.

mike pointsmike sacmike pointssmike and memike goes to kitchenMike with ropejdawgmesac
It took two days to get all of Frank’s dialogue, turned out pretty sweet. Between the two nights, on an overnight stay in Grassvalley, I decided to explore the late night world which was dead, spooky, mountainy. I drove into the middle of the woods and set up a few mics and sat there in the dark capturing ambient wilderness sound. In the dark, the silence, an occasional dog bark. Being in the middle of the woods and having a car repeatedly pass you is a creepy thing. This happend and finally it pulled up to me.
“you alright?” an old man peaked his head out of a minivan.
“Yeah, I’m good. Just recording some of the wilderness sound.”
“Alright then. Have a good night kid.”
I sat in the dark, on the side of the road, with mics on stands reaching out for the sound of the wild. Thinking of goblins, werewolves, spirits and creatures of the unsung night, which mutated back into the reality of crazy woods people, and what the hell was that guy doing out here at three thirty in the morning? Perhaps he was doing the same thing I was?

By the time I left Sacramento I had one of the first lead voices done and a sweet ass hang over. Sacramento will do that to you. I headed on my way back to SF then to Santa Cruz.