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Bill and the Squirrel


Santa Cruz was once a very different world, of relatively cheap living and mellow lifestyles, retirees, college students, hippies, surfers, drug addicts. Then the hippies became yuppies, the college students dot comers, the drug addicts, retirees died. The surfers are still surfing. Silicon Valley and Los Angeles money seeped in boosting property values, and expanding the simple town. This is growth, the way towns become cities........ The way the metropolitan monster walks faster through the lands as population grows. Santa Cruz has continued to morph through out the years.
Still though, there is a strange resin I think that will never leave, bless their little hearts.

Miss Ai Kuwayama Von Joo, my brothers better half, did the voice for the squirrel. She also did the translation of my nonsense english slang dialogue to Japanese.


I did the recording for Bob Listman (voice for Bill the Fetus) in his small office/studio. Between takes we caught up, smoked cigarettes, talked about what was going on in our crazy lives, girls, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, fetuses, motivation for fetuses, and playing in a blues band.

Bob was a pro....Being a disc jockey for years and doing voice overs for other various projects.


The last night before I left back to San Francisco we had a burrito feast. The Burritos came from an old taqueria in Santa Cruz called El Paisano Tamales. The burritos here are damn fine, this coming from a guy who lives off burritos in San Francisco’s Mission District, the seasoning they use is all around is amazing. If you ever get a chance you should check this place out. It’s right across from the Boardwalk, if I remember right it’s operating days coincide with the Boardwalks, so much of the year it is closed, but if you time your visit just right, you may enjoy one of the greatest burritos I’ve ever had.