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Post Continues

Post continues....Like a dog that needs to be shot, we linger around in the world of post in it’s third year
Most recently the project went through a four month lull, when, three hard drives decided to burn out in one week.
The burn out was due to a power surge, switching to a new computer flopping files via Firewire.
I couldn’t find any back ups for over half of our special effect project files. “The post crew might kill me?”
Two were completely dead. Tried the freezer trick (on all three), paid a guy to replaced a logic board on the Maxtor.
I watched the guy replace the logic board on the failed Maxtor, he showed me how he was doing it. How easy it was, just five screws no wiring or soldering involved but, no luck. We were about ready to pick up the scraps form the old back-up files, and re-do over 90 motion tracking w/ masking shots. We were all a little sad, lost.
Then taking the last stab in the dark, the Seagate hard drive with physical burns on the logic board and hard drive. I ordered an identical hard drive through e-bay (30 bucks cheaper than buying a brand new logic board, but with a wee bit of a risk attached). Cleaned the melted junnk off the three connector prongs put the new logic board on the dead drive, threw it into a external case. Fuck yea presto. I was able to get most of the lost files back. Back to finishing up, and reconnecting.
Sound Recording is currently scheduled Late June early July. Some will be done in Grass Valley, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz.
We will be contacting the casted voices, and setting up recording sessions. Anyone interested drop an e-flail.